Nathan Sollenberger and Colleagues Publish New Sleep Research

Dr. Dana McMakin
Congratulations to Nathan Sollenberger and coauthors for this recent publication based on Nathan's doctoral candidacy paper entitled:

More Time Awake After Sleep Onset is Linked to Reduced Ventral Striatum Response to Rewards in Youth with Anxiety

The article presents data from approximately 100 youth (ages 9-14) with and without anxiety disorders; those with anxiety show associations between how long they are awake at night and response to reward. Specifically, the more time youth with anxiety tend to spend awake after falling asleep at night, the weaker their neural response to reward. These data have implications for the effects of sleep on brain function in anxious youth, and point to the testable possibility that this effect on reward response could partially explain why anxious youth often go on to experience anhedonic depression later in adolescence. Check it out!

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