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Why we study Anxiety?

Anxiety in children and adolescents is common, with approximately 1 in 5 youth impacted. Although some level of anxiety is normal and healthy for human adaptation, high levels of anxiety can get in the way of functioning across social, academic, family and personal domains, and is therefore unwelcome.

The good news is that a psychological intervention called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy [CBT] has been shown to be effective at reducing anxiety symptoms in youth. In fact, large controlled clinical trials show a response in approximately 60% of youth. A key question is how to be sure that CBT is getting to as many youth who are affected by anxiety as possible. One silver lining of the 2020 pandemic is the increase in virtual platforms for therapy, which may serve to increase access to CBT for anxiety.

Want to participate in our research?

The Kids Face FEARS study is actively recruiting youth with anxiety disorders, ages 8-18, from Nicklaus Children’s Health System for a clinical trial in which youth receive either therapist-guided or self-guided (online program) CBT for anxiety. This trial will determine whether therapist-guided or self-guided is best, and if there are specific conditions (e.g. symptom severity, location, cultural background) that predict which treatment delivery modality may fit best for whom. Click here to learn more.


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